Increased Exchange in the Building Sector Validation of competency requirementsTemaNord 2007:502

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Publisher: Nordic
ISBN13: 9789289314299
Category: Industry
Type: Print edition
2007 Pages 104


In November 2004 the Nordic Council of Ministers together with the Nordic countries, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland decided to initiate a collaboration by approving an action plan for improved co-operation between the countries concerned in the area of construction and building. The co-operation will take place through the following activities: * to make market information and information on national regulations accessible to potential actors on the market, * to expand the basis of experience and newfound knowledge in housing construction, * to undertake a comparative analysis of regulations within the building sector intended to serve as a basis for deliberations on possible harmonization, * to make it possible to compare competency requirements imposed on certain actors in the building process, and * to establish a network for joint research and development on issues relevant to the plan of action. This report describes results of a first stage of the project devoted to facilitation of employment opportunities and free provision of services through consolidation of existing professional routines and recognition of regulated professions in the building sector. The project was executed by a Working Group representing all nine participating countries.

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