Reforming Public Pensions Sharing the Experiences of Transition and OECD Countries

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Publisher: OECD
ISBN13: 9789264105805
Category: Insurance
Type: Print edition
January 2004, 341 Pages


Reforms to pension policies rank high on the policy agenda in many countries. Certain reforms have already been undertaken and those proposed inevitably deal with a number of difficult challenges and potential trade-offs. These include the desirability of providing adequate replacement income and tackling problems of poverty in old age; the imbalance between time spent in work and in retirement; the appropriate mix of different forms of retirement income provisions; the labour market implications of different approaches to financing pensions; and the potential complexities of meeting short-term and long-term policy objectives. This book addresses these and other issues through a critical appraisal of the practical lessons of public pension reforms over the past decade in Central and Eastern Europe, and how they compare with reforms in other OECD member countries. Countries covered include the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Latvia, the Russian Federation and Lithuania, as well as Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The book clarifies the reform issues and choices addressed by policy makers, and brings together practical experiences and insights of experts and government officials from a wide range of countries and organisations.

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