Malaria Control in Complex Emergencies An Inter-Agency Field Handbook

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Publisher: World Health Organization
ISBN13: 9789241593892
Category: Tropical Medicine
Type: Print edition
January 2006 242 pages


The areas of the world whose populations are most affected by complex emergencies are often those with the greatest malaria burden. Consequently, malaria is a significant cause of death and illness in complex emergency situations. This inter-agency handbook focuses on effective malaria control responses to complex emergencies, particularly during the acute phase when reliance on international humanitarian assistance is greatest. It provides policy-makers, planners, field programme managers and medical coordinators with practical guidance on designing and implementing measures to reduce malaria morbidity and mortality. Such measures must address the needs of both the displaced and the host populations and must accomodate the changes in those needs as an acute emergency evolves into a more stable situation. A glossary is provided at the beginning of the handbook and suggestions for further reading are included at the end of several chapters. Content Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Initial assessment and planning Chapter 3. Surveillance Chapter 4. Outbreak preparedness and response Chapter 5. Case management Chapter 6. Prevention Chapter 7. Community participation and health education Chapter 8. Research and evaluation

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