Infrastructure Strategies in East Asia The Untold Story

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Publisher: World Bank
ISBN13: 9780821340271
Category: Infrastructure
Author: Mody,Ashoka
Type: Print edition
Published September 1997 by World Bank


The papers presented in this account of infrastructure development strategies in East Asia were originally written as background material for the World Bank's World Development Report 1994: Infrastructure for Development . The present document focuses on four key infrastructure sectors: transportation (roads, railways, ports, and airports); water, sanitation, and irrigation; electric power and other energy sources; and telecommunications. The volume has two parts. The papers in Part 1 discuss how five East Asian economies--Hong Kong (China), Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan (China)--have renovated their infrastructure base over the past five decades in order to foster their transformation into industrial powers. The papers discuss how each economy addressed the functional dimensions of infrastructure development (policymaking mechanisms, institutional, regulatory, and financing arrangements, and ownership and service delivery schemes) and how these economies balanced economic and social development. Each paper highlights changing policy priorities and attempts to identify the challenges ahead. The papers in Part II explore case studies from India, Japan, and Korea that illuminate the financial, regulatory, organizational, and technological aspects of infrastructure development.

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