The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and the media (Regional or Minority Languages, No.6)

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Publisher: Council of Europe
ISBN13: 9789287164315
Category: Language learning
Type: Print edition


This publication is based on a study that was prepared for the Secretariat of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages to inform the future application of those provisions of the charter relating to the media. At the charter secretariat it was felt that it would be appropriate to make this study accessible to a wider audience, in order to assist in the applica¬tion of these charter provisions. In particular, it is hoped that this publica¬tion will be useful to governments which have signed and ratified, or are considering signature and ratification, of the charter, in order to better understand some of its obligations; to public servants charged with the task of implementing such obligations; to users of regional or minority languages, and those non-governmental organisations which represent them, in assessing the choice of obligations and the challenges of imple¬mentation; and to a broader public interested in these issues, not least media outlets themselves, which play no small part in the successful imple¬mentation of charter obligations.

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