Equality for Women : Where Do We Stand on Millennium Goal 3?

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ISBN13: 9780821374467
Category: Agriculture
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Publication date 15-11-2008


Upon signing the Millennium Declaration in 2000, the international community committed itself to eight development goals with timebound targets and measurable indicators. The third of these eight goals was to "promote gender equality and empower women". The third Millennium Development Goal (MDG3) in the Millennium Declaration has spurred national and international efforts to improve women's situation around the globe. Equality for Women: Where Do We Stand on Millennium Goal 3? tracks countries' progress with implementing and financing MDG3 by examining national experiences and successes with policies and programs. It also contains an assessment of the effectiveness of different strategies in achieving MDG3 and the financial requirements needed to attain MDG3 by 2015. Equality for Women will be useful for gender analysts, policy makers, government officials, and others working to promote gender mainstreaming.

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