Peace in the Middle East: P2P and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Publisher: United Nations
ISBN13: 9789290451693
Category: War, Peace & Security
Type: Print edition
2005 Sales Number: GV.05.0.2 Pages: 56


Within the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, mutual reconciliation implies acceptance of the principle of peaceful coexistence based on the common recognition of both their national rights. The signing of the Oslo Peace Accords gave scope to a multitude of people-to-people (P2P) programmes. These sought to encourage Israelis and Palestinians to a better understanding of one another and commence a process of mutual reconciliation. The return of violence together with the collapse of most P2P activities makes it clear that these objectives have not been reached. This book examines the failure of post-Oslo P2P activities and suggests how these could be revamped.

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